Green Building Verifier Training




This class is for existing energy star certifiers who wish to expand their range of service to include Green Certification Training. The course is based on the NAHB National Green Building Program and will cover the on-line scoring tool as well as the excel scoring tool, how to use them, what constitutes admissible evidence for claiming points, and how to coach builders to a greener home at a cost they can justify.


Relevance to Attendees

Green building practices are the natural next step beyond energy star. Energy star certifiers are ideally placed to take advantage of this by offering green certification. But there are many grey areas that are encountered as builders try to get just a few more points to reach the next level. Learning to educate builders with a mix of building science and diplomacy so they never turn in a scoring tool with dubious points claimed is a big part of the class but helping builders to turn in clean and clear entries that are easy to score is the big pay-off for the sustainability of the green verification system.


Learning Outcomes

This class will teach attendees how to walk a builder through the scoring tool, how to explain when a point claimed is not justifiable, how to help the builder claim all the points they are eligible for and how to package and verify an application with an appropriate audit trail.



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Class ID:  GB-Verifier

Title:  Green Building Verifier Training

Length:  6 hours

Target:  GB Verifiers and Raters

Location:  GHC

Price:  Per Attendee


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