Green Building 101 for Builders




This is an introductory course designed to de-mystify the green building process and the green certification process. We will review an entry level home that achieves the most basic bronze certification level to demonstrate that most quality oriented builders are already building homes that incorporate enough green elements to get them to the bronze certification level with a relatively minor additional investment. We will also briefly review a higher scoring home to show how the program will reward builders who go the extra mile to be good stewards by building green.


Relevance to Attendees

Being Green Certified can give builders an economic advantage in a competitive market especially as fuel prices climb. Green Certified homes have been shown to incur dramatically lower warrantee costs and to provide higher homeowner satisfaction.


Learning Outcomes

Attendees will gain an appreciation for how easy it can be to incorporate green building practices into their projects. They will gain an appreciation of the methodical approach to collecting evidence to support the green points they are claiming and how to fill out the green certification worksheet.



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Class ID:  GB101-Builders

Title:  Green Building 101 for Builders

Length:  4 hours

Target:  Residential Builders

Location:  GHC or Mutually Agreed

Price:  Per Attendee


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