Education and awareness is the key to Green Building.  We need everyone involved from the material suppliers to the builders to the consumers.  Green Home Council offers a variety of opportunities to improve your organization's green building readiness.  Check out the schedule to see classes currently scheduled in your area.  Contact Green Home Council to set up one of our classes for your group or to create a customized training course.




Green Building Verifier Training


This class is for existing energy star certifiers who wish to expand their range of service to include Green Certification Training.    more...


Green Building 101 for Builders


This is an introductory course designed to de-mystify the green building process and the green certification process.    more...


Green Building 101 for Real Estate Sales Professionals


This is an introduction to green building certification using the NAHB National Green Building Program as a basis for explaining green features to buyers, home inspectors and appraisers for real estate sales professionals.


Green Certification Process for Builders


This is an in-depth class discussing the NAHB Green Building Program scoring tool and leading builders through the three pass system of assessing the green point scoring potential of a plan during the permitting and budgeting process, laying out a check list for evidence to be collected during construction and simplifying the application process using hyperlinks in the excel based scoring tool to tie the evidence to the points claimed to simplify and expedite the third party verification.


Marketing Green Built Homes


This is a comprehensive class that lays out how to approach and close the sale with green motivated home buyers.


Green Building for Product Sales Teams


Building product sales pros are the front line of a market shift to green building products and construction practices. This class will show sales people how to steer a new customer from energy star to indoor air quality and through water conservation to an appreciation of the benefits and intricacies of green building products and systems.


Green Building for Lenders and Appraisers


Green Homes can be more expensive to build than comparable homes that are not green. This expense may or may not add to re-sale value. Learning to separate the wheat from the chaff is what this class is about.


Green Building for Insurance Appraisers


This class will help insurance appraisers assess replacement cost value of esoteric green building systems and recognize risk reducing building technologies in green construction.


Green Theme your Homeowner's Manual


The NAHB Green Building Program REQUIRES you to include a comprehensive homeowners manual with every new home you sell. Now is an ideal time to write the best homeowners manual you possibly can that helps your homeowners maintain their homes for optimum performance and durability and minimum call-backs.


Water Conservation for Builders & Landscapers


This class addresses the most cost effective ways to save water for your communities.


Green Building as a Career Path for Students


Green Building can give people a career path that fits with an optimistic and creative value system and is spiritually as well and financially rewarding. This class will explore the wide variety of careers available to students who want to dedicate their professional lives to leaving the planet a better place by virtue of their labor and stewardship.


Global Change - How We All Can Help


This class is a graphically rich overview of the different types of green building and how the industry is responding to increased energy scarcity and climate change by improving the way homes are built and maintained.


Green Subdivision Design for Developers


Green Building is hot and developers want to create subdivisions that incorporate green themes to take advantage of this emerging market. The NAHB Green Building Program awards green points for lot design and developers who have lots that come with these points will have more valuable lots.


Green Building Design and Construction


This course is a full day version of SBIC’s Green Building

Guidelines: Meeting the Demand for Low-Energy, Resource-Efficient Homes©.  It is an easy-to read, builder-friendly text that is applicable to home builders and designers across the nation.  CEU’s are available for this course for architects and engineers.


Solar Electric & Solar Water Heating


This is a workshop that will introduce participants to a full range of solar electric and solar water heating equipment. We’ll discuss solar electric panels, batteries, inverters and grid tie systems.


Energy-10 Simulation Tool


ENERGY-10™ software is a powerful design tool that analyzes – and illustrates – the energy and cost savings that can be achieved through more than a dozen sustainable design strategies.


Greening Your Business Plan


Sustainable business practices that value environmental sustainability and social equity on an equal basis to profitability (AKA the triple bottom line- people, planet, & profits) are a natural fit for green builders.



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Green Building Certification

How to Certify my Homes

How to Become a Verifier

How to Become a Partner HBA


Green Building Certification

Green Home Council offers home certification against the National Association of Home Builder's Green Building Guidelines in partnership with local HBA's across the state of NC.  We work with Verifiers across the state to conduct the on-site testing and verification of the homes.  GHC also provides all the tools, training, marketing support and hands-on support for your builders to launch a successful green building program in your area.


How to Certify my Homes


  1. Become a member of GHC either directly or through a Partner HBA.  Join GHC Now!

  2. Download the Green Building Guidelines and review.  Click here to download GB Guidelines.

  3. Take one or more classes on Green Building

  4. Pre-assess your building plans on the Calculator Spreadsheet.

  5. Submit an Application for Certification along with Preliminary Calculator.

  6. Build house & document

  7. Retain an Approved Verifier to test house.

  8. Submit final calculator and supporting documentation.

  9. Upon final review, certification is issued!


How to Become a Verifier

We need Verifiers across the state of North Carolina and in surrounding areas.  Contact GHC to sign up and become on of our certified Verifiers.


How to Become a Partner HBA

Contact GHC to hear more about becoming one of our partner HBA's and all the benefits that come with partner membership.  We provide all the tools and website development you need to get a program up and running.  info@greenhomecouncil.org





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