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About GHC

The Green Home Council is a non-profit organization focused on promoting sustainable and green building in the residential home building industry.  We team with other organizations to provide a comprehensive clearing house for all things green when it comes to home building and remodeling.


Our membership includes builders, material manufacturers and suppliers, real estate professionals, appraisers, lenders, and developers just to name a few.


We have partnered with the Home Builders Association to support their green building educational, outreach and home certification needs.



The Green Home Council is committed to revolutionizing housing construction and renovation by promoting and facilitating implementation of green building practices from project site planning through final certification.  The Council will work to achieve sustainable growth, reduce energy use, create healthy indoor environments, limit resource use, educate homeowners, facilitate conservation and healthy lifestyles, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Core Values

  • Respect the environment

  • Protect the environment

  • Improve the environment

  • Grow the company to fulfill our mission

  • Be socially responsible

  • Operate the business sustainably

  • Document green buildings carefully and thoroughly

  • Verify green building practices through third parties

  • Pursue green building systems, products, and processes relentlessly

  • Research new building science constantly

  • Provide ample green building educational information

  • Challenge the low initial cost / high life cycle cost pattern

  • Promote the higher initial cost / low life cycle cost pattern

Meet the Board

Randy Lanou, Chairman

Michael Chandler, Secretary

Patti Rooney, Treasurer

Greg DeWitt, at large

Jamie Hagar, at large

Chad Ray, at large

Tatjana Vujic, at large


Meet the Staff

Bill Beasley

Executive Director & Founder








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Join GHC

Become a member of the Green Home Council and instantly become involved in advancing the green home building movement.  We are seeking home builders, real estate professionals, lenders, appraisers, building material manufacturers and distributors.  We also welcome home buyers and local government officials.  Our homes effect everyone.  Let's band together and make a difference.


click here for Application & Dues Table

click here to email application to GHC join@greenhomecouncil.org



There are three ways to donate to the Green Home Council... time, talent and treasure.  There is more to be done than we can do alone and need all the help we can get.  If you are interested in donating to GHC, contact us at donate@greenhomecouncil.org or at 919.624.7903 to get more information on how you can help.




Green Home Council is a non-profit organization and is under application with the federal government for our 501.c(3) status.  Organizations who donate or sponsor us today may retroactively file for tax credits upon issuance of our 501.c(3) status.


Contact us at sponsor@greenhomecouncil.org or 919.624.7903 to discuss a customized sponsorship package for you.



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Green Home Council

P.O. Box 51008

Durham, North Carolina 27717-1008


tel  919.624.7903


fax  919.493.1240




Green Home Council      P.O. Box 51008 Durham, North Carolina 27717-1008      tel 919.624.7903      info@greenhomecouncil.org      2008